Chronicles Of Sex The Trilogy Coming Very Soon ……

Chronicles Of Sex has been born from what Chris Karlman believes is a purpose in life, his ambition was to create a story that people could not put down bridging the gap between pornography and sensual erotica. Where others have delivered books of sensual erotica they seem to have been created with a fantasy basis, based on more the unreachable for the likes of you and me, where Chronicles of Sex brings a reality that has uniquely been captured on pages from Chris Karlman’s style of writing and pulls you into the story line where you can not put the book down.

Chronicles Of Sex is part of a trilogy. The first part of the trilogy ‘The First Chapter’ introduces us to the characters and there lives and takes us into the world of sensual sexual encounters focused around the main characters, through fourteen chapters of hot erotic reading The second and third books in the trilogy takes us further into the world of erotic literature and then in some cases into the more after vanilla segments of the characters lives where they begin to experiment and explore their own sexual pleasures.

Many of the sexual exploits in this book have come about after the real life experiences of Chris and his wife Marielle, hence why the reality aspect is so strong.

Meet the Team Behind Chronicles Of Sex …….

Pleasure Vision Media Group is the company that has been established to manage the publication and production of the book and television series, headed off by Chris and Marielle, ensuring that creative control and continuity is upheld no matter what. The team is growing on a daily basis and castings are taking place all the time. Once the full team is in place and the cast complete, pages will be built on this web site so that you can follow the developments on a daily basis.

First Chapter Download

The first chapter will be available here to download, all you have to do is register and you will be notified of when the first chapter is available, you can be the first to read what is set to become the most exciting read and prepare yourself for the television web series which will be as explicit as the book. In order for the publication of this book to reach the shelves we are not using crowd funding sites. A charge of $3.99 per chapter would ensure not only the book continues but also the development of our web television series comes to fruition. Innovation and business forward thinking is today the way to success and we hope that you will participate in us reaching our goals.

Lelo The Ultimate In Personal Pleasure

Our process of developing Chronicles is to ensure that through out the production of the television series we will be offering quality and most importantly safety. When dealing with the sexual personal lifestyle products that we will be using during production, there was only one company thats stood out from the rest and we are pleased to announce that Lelo products will be featuring exclusively through out our productions. Having tried and tested many of the products they have to offer we can state the quality, performance and high quality guarantees a seal of approval from us, and with over fifteen years in the adult business we are confident you will not be disappointed.

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